Uwerx (WERX): Beat Tron and Solana to Big Gains in Crypto 2021!

• The crypto market is still reeling from the failure of the FTX exchange, with some projects such as Tron (TRX) and Solana (SOL) showing headwinds.
• Uwerx (WERX) is an under-the-radar project that can reward investors with big gains in 2021. It is creating a platform to bring employers and freelance workers together using digital ledgers for data security and storage.
• SOL holders are facing trouble as the project sold 60 million tokens to the trading arm of the defunct exchange FTX, causing TVL to slump dramatically.

Crypto Market Still Reeling From FTX Exchange

The crypto market was thrown into turmoil in 2022 when the FTX exchange failed. Many firms were caught up in the contagion, but investors should not assume that all risks have gone away. Projects such as Tron (TRX) and Solana (SOL) are still struggling with headwinds and investors should step back from these risky projects.

Uwerx Offers Big Gains To Investors

Fortunately, there is an alternative for investors who want to make big gains this year: Uwerx (WERX). This under-the-radar project is operating in a niche area of crypto without competition and has a fast-growing market. Uwerx will help investors avoid contagion risk while providing them with potential profits through its platform which brings employers and freelancers together using digital ledgers for data security and storage. The digital asset is currently in its presale at $0.01 so investors should look to get involved early before it becomes a blue-chip cryptocurrency one day.

Solana Struggles With TVL Numbers

Solana had been one of the most promising projects in 2020-21, but since then its fortunes have changed drastically after a series of hacks and security breaches caused developers to flee from it. The number of investors has dried up significantly as well, leading to Total Value Locked (TVL) on its chain dropping from $12bn in November 2021 to just $242m now. Adding insult to injury, SOL holders are facing further trouble due to Solana having sold 60 million tokens to the trading arm of the defunct exchange FTX – auditors may now sell those tokens off in order to raise money for those affected by their losses on FTX’s collapse.

Uwerx Looks To Avoid Contagion Risk In Crypto Market

Uwerx can offer investors a way out of this mess by avoiding any contagion risk associated with developed projects while still offering them potential rewards through its fast transaction speeds and low fees model which can revolutionise how employers find freelance workers while providing better data security via digital ledgers than ever before seen before on other platforms.


The crypto market has been hit hard by failures like that of FTX exchange but there are still opportunities for savvy investors who know where they should be looking – namely Uwerx which could provide big returns if they get involved early enough at its current presale price of $0.01 per token while avoiding any contagion risks associated with other more developed projects like Tron or Solana which may never fully recover from their respective troubles this year