Ripple Vs SEC: Judge Torres to Reveal Summary Judgment Decision Publicly

• Ripple Vs SEC: Attorney Deaton reveals that Judge Torres will make her summary judgment decision publicly available.
• The ruling will be released in the court’s official records, similar to previous rulings.
• Measures are being taken to ensure information remains confidential and not exploited for insider trading.

Ripple Vs SEC Lawsuit Coming To An End

The Ripple Vs SEC lawsuit is nearing its end, with everyone anxiously awaiting Judge Analisa Torres‘ decision on the summary judgment. This case is important as it will help create clearer regulations for the crypto industry.

Attorney John Deaton Reveals Summary Judgment Process

Attorney John Deaton, who is supporting XRP, has shared insight on how the judge will issue the summary judgment in the SEC versus Ripple case. He stated that Judge Torres will not keep her summary judgment decision exclusive to both parties, instead making it publically available through the court’s official records – just like previous rulings such as Judge Torres‘ decision on the Daubert/expert motion ruling.

Ensuring Transparency and Confidentiality

Deaton mentioned that parties involved in the case might receive preliminary information about the ruling via emails a few minutes before its public knowledge – however measures are being taken by U.S District Court for Southern District of New York (who handle many financial-related cases) to ensure no one accesses sensitive rulings like this one before its officially filed and made public.

Summary Judgment Will Be Publicly Available

In conclusion, Attorney Deaton confirmed that Judge Torres will release her summary judgment decision publicly – ensuring transparency and confidentiality throughout this process – as she understands how crucial information can impact insider trading if accessed before its officially made public knowledge.

Final Verdict Awaited By Crypto Industry

All eyes are now on Judge Analisa Torres to make her final verdict in this significant case which could potentially pave way towards clearer regulations within the crypto industry moving forward.