Ripple May Appeal SEC Ruling: What Are the Implications?

• The article discusses the potential implications of Ripple appealing against the SEC, should the SEC choose to appeal, following the Torres Decision.
• Various crypto enthusiasts and legal minds weighed in on whether Ripple will choose to appeal or not, citing opinions from various attorneys.
• Bill Morgan highlighted that Judge Torres’ decision to lump together ODL customer sales with other institutional sales may be flawed, indicating potential grounds for Ripple’s appeal.

Ripple’s Potential Appeal Against SEC

The recent Torres Decision has sparked a discussion amongst crypto enthusiasts and legal minds regarding whether Ripple will choose to appeal against the SEC, given its implications. A tweet from user Mickle expressed doubt that Ripple would choose to do so due to it being more damaging for its business than any of Judge Torres‘ rulings.

Legal Perspectives and Business Considerations

However, several users countered this opinion by citing opinions from various attorneys who believe that if the SEC were to appeal, then Ripple would most likely follow suit. Despite recognizing how ongoing litigation within the US could harm Ripple’s business operations, they argued that it wouldn’t have much impact outside of the country.

The Impact of an SEC Appeal

It was also agreed upon by other users that Ripple wouldn’t likely file an appeal unless prompted by an action taken by the SEC. Attention was drawn to statements made by John E. Deaton which suggested a successful SEC appeal wouldn’t necessarily benefit them either way.

Understanding Ripple’s Litigation Strategy

Australian lawyer and digital asset enthusiast Bill Morgan weighed in on the conversation as well, suggesting that not appealing in case of an SEC action would be a misstep for their litigation strategy. He argued that Judge Torres‘ decision may be flawed and could provide grounds for a potential appeal from Ripple’s side too.


Overall, there is still uncertainty around what actions will be taken when it comes to potentially appealing against the SEC following its recent ruling on Torress Decision; however both crypto enthusiasts and legal minds have offered valuable insight into why or why not such actions should be taken depending on one’s business considerations or litigation strategies