Crypto App Launches Pro & Pro+ Subs for Traders & Investors

• The Crypto App has launched new Pro and Pro+ subscription services to provide users with valuable data, tools, and content for better crypto trading and investing decisions.
• The Pro and Pro+ offerings include proprietary analytics, token metrics, market metrics, portfolio tracker, and insights from top crypto intelligence brands.
• With these services, users can make informed decisions and potentially increase their returns in the crypto market.

The Crypto App Launches Premium Subscription Services

The Crypto App has announced the launch of its new Pro and Pro+ subscription services designed to empower users with the best combination of data, tools, and content for informed trading and investing decisions in the crypto space. This service is tailored to meet the needs of any crypto enthusiast or investor seeking a competitive edge in the market.

Features of The Crypto App’s Subscriptions

The Crypto App’s Pro and Pro+ offerings include:

Token Metrics

Twenty-one (21) proprietary signals and metrics powered by IntoTheBlock are designed to help users identify emerging crypto market trends early on so they can capitalize on opportunities before anyone else.

Market Metrics

Users will gain access to 21 unique insights into Bitcoin and NFT-oriented markets that are also powered by IntoTheBlock. These analyses are meant to provide valuable information that can be used for making informed investment decisions.

Portfolio Tracker

The portfolio tracker is a powerful tool that provides real-time updates on user portfolios across multiple exchanges so they can stay ahead of any sudden changes in the market’s direction. It also offers advanced charting capabilities for further analysis of positions performance over time as well as alerts when certain thresholds have been reached or surpassed.

Insights from Top Intelligence Brands

In addition to all these features, The Crypto App offers insights from top intelligence brands like TradingView, Messari or CoinGecko — giving users access to comprehensive research reports that cover everything from ICOs announcements to news about upcoming cryptocurrency launches or projects in development.


With these services offered by The Crypto App’s premium subscriptions – whether it is through Token Metrics or Market Metrics – users can make informed decisions that could potentially increase their returns in the crypto market while having an advantage over other investors who do not use this service .