Collectors: Don’t Miss Out on Banksy’s Rare NFTs Launching Feb 2nd!

• T-Shirts Matter is releasing a Banksy NFT collection on February 2nd.
• The collection will be highly sought after and offer ownership and authenticity of digital assets.
• 11% of the net proceeds from the sale of Banksy NFTS will be donated to Doctors Without Borders and the T-Shirts Matter Foundation.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for Collectors Launches on February 2nd

T-Shirts Matter is launching a Banksy NFT collection that is expected to be highly sought after for any art collector. The unique, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represent digital art, collectibles, and other digital assets with their ability to offer ownership and authenticity of a digital asset. The pricing starts at 72 cents due to Mike Lin’s birth year in 1972, followed by $2.22 and $22.22 inspired by Taylor Swift’s song ’22‘. 1,200+ of the 1,500+ Banksy NFTs will be offered at $60 while 60 will go for $35,000 and 9 for even higher amounts up to $1 million United States Dollars.

Creator Earnings

Mike Lin has set the creator earnings at 10%, meaning a 10% royalty in perpetuity on the secondary market. This way, accessibilty in price is available to everyone in the world who wishes to have a piece of this exclusive collection.


In addition, 11% of net proceeds from sales will be donated to Doctors Without Borders via in Banksy’s name; approximating over time an estimated amount of $16,500,000+. An additional 11% will be split between Daffy (50%) for non-profits & charitable causes as well as T-Shirts Matter Foundation (50%) for Arts purposes.

Banksy’s Popularity & Rarity

The combination of Banksy’s popularity and rare nature makes this special opportunity ideal for collectors looking for something unique yet affordable!

Don’t Miss Out!

Mark your calendars for February 2nd because this once-in-a lifetime opportunity won’t come around again soon!